Terraform or ansible provider for ManageIQ

Hi guys. May be someone has experience in this area? I mean provider for terraform tool for deploying the infrastructure with ManageIQ. Terraform Providers

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What kind of use case where you thinking of using Terraform with ManageIQ. I’m interested, just can’t quite see how they fit together.


Hi, maybe you can help me and prove me wrong.

I want to provide end users with a unified API, while simplifying it as possible. I assume the use of a declarative language for deploying infrastructure with ManageIQ. Such infrastructure can be deployed through different cloud/infrastructure providers and using the service catalogs of MIQ I can provide users with such opportunity. In terraform I would like to be able to descripe the requests of the deployment of such infrastructure in a unified manner and use the paradigm of the idempotency of this tool.

There is my prototype for a declarative representation of the Manageiq services. After investigate the behavior of terraform I came to the conclusion that it is the not most convenient tool for this task. I tried to make an action plugin for ansible.

There is related plugins: