Tests (euwe branch)


Who knows, how to run tests for self-service in euwe branch ?
It seems, that command “gulp test” runs only jshint, which is a code analyses tool.
How to run real specs, such as 404.state.spec.js ?

gulp test is indeed the right command. The catch is, if vet fails, the actual specs don’t get run.

But there’s also gulp testonly which doesn’t run vet, so you can run that. (You can also fix those jshint errors, and you’ll get to see the test results even with gulp test.)

Thanks for the answer!

Ah, so… Cannot start PhantomJS is the real problem.

I… suggest you google that :). But, most likely, you have a global phantomjs installation of an incompatible version which gets used instead of a local one, or a missing dependency.

To fix the first, make sure there’s no phantomjs on your system, clean your node_modules and run npm install afresh.

To fix the second, try running phantomjs (or node_modules/.bin/phantomjs) from the command line by itself to see if it tells you anything more.

Ok, thanks for the advice!