The automatization of VM/instance ownership

I have a question related with approving VM requests. After the VM is approved and running, my user (requester) cannot see the VM in manageIQ, because the VM ownership is not set. How could I automatize the setting of the ownership to the user or his group?

The ownership of the VM should be set to the owner (can be different from the logged-in requester), as specified in the provisioning dialog. This does however require that the owner user’s details are set correctly in MIQ, particularly their email address.

I’d suggest checking that the owner user has an email address defined in MIQ

Hope this helps,

Thanks, it helps.

My dummy user (poor guy) didn’t have an email address. The user should have defined the email in advance. If the email is provided only in the request, the MIQ does not set the ownership to the VM. The email field should be mandatory to avoid such problems.