The role Embedded Ansible has started activation on server EVM

I have recently enabled the Embedded Ansible role but it keeps showing the following event every few seconds.

“The role Embedded Ansible has started activation on server EVM”

I have tried searching for assistance for this issue but been unable to find anything…any suggestions?

We are running version / build - gaprindashvili-4 on a VMware ESXi 6.5 platform.

Try the KB method:

Disable the Ansible role.

systemctl restart evmserverd #to be sure memory is freed up
rm /etc/tower/SECRET_KEY
bin/rails r 'MiqDatabase.first.ansible_secret_key  = nil'
bin/rails r 'MiqDatabase.first.ansible_database_authentication.destroy'
bin/rails r 'ManageIQ::Providers::EmbeddedAnsible::Provider.first.destroy'
psql -d vmdb_production -c 'DROP DATABASE awx' # run on the db appliance
psql -d vmdb_production -c 'DROP ROLE awx' # run on the db appliance

Login to to the UI and enable Ansible role
Check /var/log/tower/setup-.log for status

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Hi Xian.

Many thanks for the suggestion but it has not helped.

There is no folder called /etc/tower/SECRET_KEY on the server.

After further investigation it seems as if the MIQ appliance is not able to pull down the docker image.

We are using a proxy for web access and that has been configured within the advanced settings, web access is working as I can access AWS and Azure from MIQ.

The error within the EVM.Log file is:-

ERROR – : MIQ(EmbeddedAnsibleWorker::Runner) ID [14] PID [11801] GUID [xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] No such image: rabbitmq:3

Hi @paulb , i have the same problem here. Have u figured it out?

You have to pull the docker images from a machine with internet access and docker installed.
The images you need are

  • rabbitmq:3
  • ansible/awx_task:latest
  • ansible/awx_web:latest
  • memcached:alpine

On your machine with internet access run

docker pull <imagename>
docker save –o <filename> <imagename>
scp <filename> <user@hostname:/path/to/folder>

On your manageiq run

cd /path/to/folder
docker load -i <filename>

After that the embedded ansible role will find the images that will be needed.