The tls certs for sites invalid

the tls certificate for is not valid due to both a Common Name (CN) mismatch [www01 !=] and due to it being expired [2015-05-15 < 2016-04-06]

the tls certificate for is also invalid due to a Common Name (CN) mismatch [* !=].

This latter one may be to be due to your use of the discourse cdn, and may be difficult to resolve, but since dv tls certs are now free ( there is little excuse to use valid tls certs.

@dmetzger can you review this question by @carnott and forward to a SME if necessary.

@jprause I do not know who is responsible for maintaining the ManageIQ sites so I’m not sure who to forward this to.

Ok @dmetzger, thanks!

@chessbyte would you mind reviewing. Not sure who could assist.