Trigger an alert


Can someone please help me or give a tip. I have created a simple trigger to monitor the VM Nodes in oVirt.
I have added an email adress for notification when the alert will be triggered. But nothing happens.In the corresponding logs (evm.log, automate.log) i can see that external events will be captured from EventCatcher.

here is my alert configuration

Based On: VM and Instance
What to Evaluate: Nothing
Driving Event: VM Operation: VM Pause
Notification Frequency: 1 Minute

I have tried it with other simple alerts but no success. the alert will not triggered.

thank your for your help

and nice greetings from Hamburg :wink:

Hi @orhan-polat you may have already done this,…but let’s make sure we’re on the same page.
Have you enabled Capacity and Utilization?

See section 6.4. Creating a Normal Operating Range Alert

Hi jprause,

thank you very much for the answer.
Yes i have enabled Capacity and Utilization.