Two EVM servers after restore

Hello all,

We are a deploying a MIQ solution on our infrastructure. Actually preparing and testing all the lifecycle around this environment. We’ve performed a backup of the database and re-import it on another appliance.

We’ve followed the following procedure :

(This procedure has been valided by red hat on cloudforms.)

The import seems to be succesfull but we have now two EVM servers.

The Server 1 seems to be link to the database restored and the server two who is in current state is the default evm server.

Our questions are:

How we can switch the current server from the second to the first ?

Is it possible to remove the EVM server not used ?

Is there a way during the restore process to write the backup without the creation of a second server ?


I was not able to find the documentation for this, but from my own memory:

Each appliance has some unique files to backup:


Maybe you restored with a new GUID file, so an entry with the old one might be in the region?
I hope this helps.