Type Of Ansible Connection

Hi all DevOps,

I want to ask some questions about working of Ansible.

1 - Which shell Ansible uses when logging to remote host ?

2 - If I have 10 tasks in a playbook, then ansible makes connection in 10 times to remote host OR uses a single connection ?

3 - If I am running 10 tasks on 2 hosts,

It will do first task on host 1 and then on host 2
then second task on host 1 and then on host 2,

So, here also the connection persists to both the hosts?


does it firstly connect to host 1, runs task 1 and then disconnects AND then connects to host 2, runs task 1 and then disconnects ?

4 -

This says that the default timeout is 10 seconds.

So, it means after every 10 seconds it makes a new connection ?

What if some task is running and the connection times out ? What will happen then ?

I am sorry If I am asking annoying questions. Please don’t mind.

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I recommend you to use the Ansible Project Google Group maillist https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ansible-project or DevOps stackexchange forum: https://devops.stackexchange.com/

I use these for such questions.

Thanks for these suggestions.