UI Element (Button) no longer starting Ansible Tower/AWX Job

I am using ManageIQ Gap-4 and AWX 1.0.7 (I am using Ansible AWX, not Tower).
I have recently (manually, on new instances) upgraded from Fine-4 and AWX 1.0.3.

I have a UI element as a button on a VM summary page.


The changes have been made in Automation -> Automate -> Customization, down in Buttons -> VM and Instance. I added a Button Group called ‘Compliance’, and I added Button.

This button brings up a Service Dialog that prompts the user for some input, and then when submitted uses this information as variables in the AWX job. This used to work before; it no longer works. The only difference is that I am using a new VM/new instance of ManageIQ.

Before I used an Ansible script to deploy AWX and ManageIQ, then authenticate between them. This time I did all 3 steps manually, and the button no longer works.

I have the ManageIQ changes (dialogs, bundle catalogs, object details, etc.) saved as YAML files which I miq_import when working with a new system.

I can’t figure out why the jobs are not launching.

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