UI support for customizable CSS

this is basically a follow up from a discussion we had during the design summit last week.

As it was presented, the UI would see some major improvements in future versions of MIQ. It would be nice, if a user could customize the look and feel by simply modifying the CSS style sheet definition.

An example could be: I want to align the colors of the top level menu bar with my corporate standard. For example, I might want the menu bar in different shades of blue :wink:

At the moment, one can only do very limited modifications to the color schema and it would be nice if there would be more flexiblity, aka. the CSS style sheets would be easily customizable.


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One thing I’ve seen other projects do is to have an application.local.css file that is strictly meant for user overrides. I could see us adding a .gitignore for it, and then a way for a user to create that file and populate it as they see fit.

One tricky piece might be the precompilation of assets, unless maybe that file is not precompiled?

Cool idea :sunglasses: