Unable to discover Openstack Hosts

Hi All,

I have started ManageIq Appliance and added Openstack Provider as mentioned in steps. The connection and validation says success, but it is unable to discover any hosts or VMs and shows the count as 0.

I have uploaded the screenshot for the same. I am stuck and not able to proceed forward.


Hey @Razi,

you can see a bit more output in the


but on the first impression i would say that there is a required port (maybe openstack-nova/heat/…etc) where you get an timeout (as the UI says in the “Last Refresh” Section):

=> connect_write timeout reached

check the connectivity to the components you want to manage:


Thank you schmandforke. The issue was fixed. It was coming because public IP of Openstack was localhost . That’s why ManageIQ was not able to discover the Openstack .

I added it as CloudManager and was able to discover it, but while adding it as InfraManager, it says that it requires ironic module at least to discover the same . I am using devstack right now. Is there any workaround or I really do need ironic module?


Hey @Razi,

no, it depends in which category you add the Openstack Provider, Ironic (BareMetal Installation) is only mandatory if you add the Provider in the Infrastructure Section. Try to add the Provider in the Cloud Section

Hey @schmandforke:

Thank you for insight. It was really helpful.