Unable to start evmserverd (ivanchuk)

On the Appliance_console I tried to start the evm processes, but everytime I got : job for evmserverd.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.

I need to know if I can increase this timeout and where it is stored.

I don’t think the timeout is your problem here, the problem is, that emvserver daemon does not start. appliance_console only runs systemctl start/stop evmserverd

Do you have any logs in journalctl or vmdb/logs?

I am aware that the appliance_console only runs evmserverd, but what i am saying is that the evm daemon does not start due to a timeout. ERROR – : MIQ(EvmDatabase.seed_classes) Seeding… Timed out after 600 seconds.
On the previous line I also have : Seeding MiqProductFeature… Complete in 358517.9884179961ms
I still need to know where to set the timeout to a greater value.evm-20200130.log (266.5 KB)