Unknown attribute ERROR

I´m getting that follow error when I create a openstack provider:

Error - 6 Minutes Ago
unknown attribute ‘network_port_ems_ref’ for ManageIQ::Providers::Openstack::InfraManager::FloatingIp.

When I run “neutron floatingip-list” from “controller-node” from openstack to get the floatingIp list I don´t get error:

| id | fixed_ip_address | floating_ip_address
| 07fba678-fa96-42ae-9b48-07ebdba36201 | |
| 265faf2c-8abb-4bc0-b989-c2a7a11e197e | |
| 756b40e0-573d-4422-9fcc-709d6d8f53f1 | |
| 860627da-b521-49c7-b2cc-f9bc10d85103 | |
| 886722c3-3bce-4c82-8ed4-29f6542b95e1 | |
| af2087a0-364c-4c47-b864-1c49b8a7bd03 | |
| c09a423a-ccb6-4d24-a877-b579e3a58c77 | |
| c5b48df0-a109-4fc7-96e4-138eec34e930 | |
| f3984457-3343-45dc-a5e3-acb0c7985a61 | |

Follow the logs:

/var/www/miq/vmdb/log/evm.log:[----] E, [2016-01-04T14:55:30.451444 #2762:125f994] ERROR – : [ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError]: unknown attribute ‘network_port_ems_ref’ for ManageIQ::Providers::Openstack::InfraManager::FloatingIp. Method:[rescue in block in refresh]

I just find out that th manageiq just work with tripleO instalations soo Is there any way to gt manageiq running in ubuntu openstack enviroment?

@Leandro_Totino_Perei hello, could you paste the whole error from the log? I need to see the backtrace.

@Leandro_Totino_Perei seems like the error is caused because this line is not reached https://github.com/manageiq/manageiq/blob/2ee029fce1fed4bcee058a045f0a440661af3d11/app/models/manageiq/providers/openstack/refresh_parser_common/networks.rb#L287-287

could you put some logs into the lines above that do the return? Not sure why that does act differently on Ubuntu.

Hi Ladas,

I was able to fix the wrong configuration I had set up, I was trying to create openstack infrasctrucrure provider on manageiq but my openstack was setup without tripleO.

Soo, When I set up “openstack cloud provider” option works, soo it was my mistake.

@Leandro_Totino_Perei ah, yeah the infrastructure is tested only with OpenStack Director(TripleO APIs). Your end user cloud needs to be added into cloud section, regardless of installer used.