Unwanted email on vmreconfigure_task_complete


I am currently using Darga-1 and upon completed VM provision using service catalog, I received an email sent by the state VM->Reconfigure->Email->vmReconfigureTaskComplete.

However, I am merely provisioning a new VM instead of reconfiguring an existing one. May I know is there any way I could turn this off? Thanks.


@blomquisg can you review this question from @casius and forward to a SME if necessary.

@tinaafitz Can you help out here?

Hi Casius,

I’d be happy to help you stop the unwanted emails.

Can you send me the automation.log showing the service provision and reconfigure email?


@casius The email is sent during VM provisioning as MIQ receives reconfiguration events during provisioning. The emails were added in PR #7337.

I have worked around this by copying the VmReconfigureTaskComplete instance into my own domain and commented out the value for method1. This stops the email from ever being sent regardless of why the reconfiguration event was received.

It would be nice if MIQ was able to tell if the reconfiguration was due to a provision request that is in progress and not send the email.


Yes, I did the same thing now to override the behaviour. I am just wondering how state is being wired. Thanks all for your suggestions.


I’ve seen this with a clone from template provision into a RHEV provider, where the resulting VM has a slightly different configuration from the template (for example more CPUs or memory). It seems that the VM provision task creates the initial VM clone, and then a separate VM reconfiguration task is queued to update the CPUs or memory in the new VM to the values in the original request.


The same problem occurs when a (VNC) console is started using the button at the vm details page. It appears that a reconfigure task is started to enable remote display and set a port and password for connecting to the console. The following properties are set during this reconfigure:


When starting a console the ‘Reconfigure Complete’ email should not be sent because the user has not requested a reconfigure. I see no other solution that to disable all ‘Reconfigure Complete’ emails by overriding the corresponding automation entry as suggested by @bevans.

I suggest the ‘Reconfigure Complete’ email functionality to be removed completely from MIQ in the next release because of these issues. Or otherwise these issues should be addressed because the current behaviour is experienced as a bug.

We have removed the reconfiguration email as suggested.