Update manage IQ

Hi i’m new using manage iq i follow the instructions for update manage iq using git pull and after that the software suggest to make a bundle install apparently everything is working i can see the login screen i trying to login after press the login button and is not appear anymore the spin logo is just a black square and the login window is stuck is anything i can check to figure out why is not login in the WebUI

It sounds like you need to bundle exec rake evm:compile_assets from the vmdb directory (use the vmdb alias).

It sounds like some of the assets were updated when you ran git pull and you need to recompile them.

If you are running on the appliance, it may be running in production mode, so perhaps it’s better to get out of production mode for dev purposes.

To turn it into a development machine, try:

  • cd /var/www/miq/vmdb
  • bundle exec rake assets:clear
  • unset RAILS_ENV

Then restart the evm server (or just reboot the appliance), and I think you should be good to go.

jrafanie you rock with the bundle exec rake evm:compile_assets solve the isssue my new manage iq is back and running now i need to learn how to setup everything.

:raised_hands: awesome, thanks for the confirmation!

This sounds like a nice, quick blog post.