UPDATED - What is role of region99 in provisioning?


I am using a ManageIQ (Darga) configuration running ESXi 6.0.0 with a master region99 and one tenant (in region01). In my idea, the master appliance acts as the single glass pane: all create and destroy actions on VMs in region01 are able from the 99 appliance.

Indeed, I am able to create a VM in region01 using the 99 appliance. My question is: why am I not able to destroy that VM using the 99 appliance (and other tasks as well)? (Note: I have already added a policy on the provider with respect to the Retire VM action, and a Retire VM request on the 01 appliance will destroy a VM on the ESXi host properly).

The message I receive in the 99 appliance is: “The selected VM is not in the current region”.

Thanx for your advice/help.

It seems that Euwe-RC1 is the answer to my question, by enabling Central Admin.

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Awesome,…thanks for letting us know. I’m sure this will help others.

Yesss…Central Admin looks great.

But, I was not able to promote an existing VM to a template (it turned into a VM). Anyone got this experience too?

@gmccullough can you review this situation where @mud500 would like to promote an existing VM to a template. Feel free to forward to another SME if necessary.

@mud500 the original intent of Central/Master Regions was read-only – viewing, reporting, etc.
The Central Admin that is being started in Euwe is a new direction to allow administration from the Central Region. However only a limited set of operations are supported in Euwe. Over time, the intention is to support every operation from the Central Region. If you want to help make this a reality faster, perhaps @gtanzillo can suggest gaps where Pull Requests are welcome.

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