Upgraded rubocop on miq-bot

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve upgraded the version of rubocop used by the bot to v0.27.1. Previously the bot was using v0.21.0. You will need to upgrade your local version of rubocop if you check before committing, if you want it to match. Note that there have been many changes. If something strikes you as incorrect or weird or in need of an exception, please let me know here, or open an issue on the bot’s github issues.

In addition the cop documentation links should now be fixed.

I noticed a new cop, Style/ClassCheck is complaining about is_a? vs kind_of?. I personally don’t care, but I think consistency is good so I’m ok with keeping the cop, however I’m thinking of making kind_of? the default. Looking at our code base, kind_of is used more frequently, hence the choice. If no one objects, I’ll put that in.

$ git grep "\b\.kind_of\?" | wc
    1138    7683  126735
$ git grep "\b\.is_a\?" | wc
     628    3720   70008

I’m also thinking of disabling Style/StringLiteralsInInterpolation, since we are not sticklers on single vs double quoted strings. Thoughts?