URL for catalog item


I look something for helping me open catalog item via GET query. This example POST query for serice template: http://localhost/catalog/tree_select/?id=stc-2_st-2

For user without administrative right in service catologs location

Next link worked for services : http://localhost/service/show/1438 . Whether there is the same opportunity for catalog item ? ( I want open required service template by url).

Hi @ban

try https://FQDN/api/service_catalogs/

you will get list of service catalogs (catalog_IDs) that contain list of catalog items (in API terminology service_templates)

Some API docs is here http://manageiq.org/docs/reference/latest/api/overview/auth.html

Hope it helps,

Hi @vmi .
Thank you for help. But I meant little different.

I need url for user without api. So, I try to describe the whole problem:
I have some site with describing services. Now I want create deploy button which followed to specific service catalog.

For users it will look as: click deploy button on my site -> redirect to specific service in manageiq (authorisation is needed) -> click order in service catalog menu.