Use miq_provision indexer in Ansible Tower service_request

I was wondering if there is a way to access the $n{3} indexer that gets used for provisioning from a service request. We are moving to using full Ansible Tower workflows (various reasons) and keeping ManaeIQ as more of a variable generator and inventory management tool. I am finding that while in transition I am getting names re-used. If I provision and retire VMs/Instances from Tower the names will get re-used when provisioning from Manageiq because the indexer is not getting incremented (and not in inventory). Doing a normal miq_provision the next number in sequence will get used even if the previous is not in inventory. The naming re-use itself can be managed but I think I would like to use this functionality in general.

Ii did come up with a fairly ugly workaround for this which is to run ‘create_provision_request’ with the name and then just exit that request from a state machine. It “reserves” the name as I need it to but I am hoping someone has a more elegant solution.