Use of Action start is forbidden

Hi! I have a problem with my setup of MIQ. When I’m trying to start(from ui/service) or retire recently created service, I’m getting an error:
[----] E, [2018-12-25T15:58:39.487539 #5138:dc760c] ERROR – : MIQ(Api::ServicesController.api_error) API Error
[----] E, [2018-12-25T15:58:39.487608 #5138:dc760c] ERROR – : MIQ(Api::ServicesController.api_error) Api::ForbiddenError: Use of Action start is forbidden

But. If I’m doing it from Administrative portal(with the same user) all works fine. What could it be?
Gaprindashvili, CentOS, Ovirt 4.2.

Any ideas? :frowning:

Have you had a look at the roles permissions? The Self-Service UI does use its it’s own permissions.

Thanks for responce!
Yes, everything is checked.

Hm… One interesting moment. I guess it’s matter.
When I have created a service, no one VM became related to it.
But it was created in ovirt… May be there is problem with adding tags or any other “access rights” to VM, whet it’s provisioning.

Tag Control

Select a Category of tags you want assigned to virtual machines associated with the service dialog. Enable Single Select if only one tag can be selected.
I see chosen tag in the logs:
Q-task_id([service_template_provision_task_107]) Updated namespace [/Service/Provisio

Q-task_id([service_template_provision_task_107]) dialog_vm_tags: [#<MiqAeServiceClassification:0x98da4c4 @object=#<Classification id: 25, description: “Quality Assurance”

But VM have no tags after creation(Through service dialog.). And have no ownership

I don’t have any other ideas right now. I would try to pinpoint the exact problem.

Is it a problem with the Self-Service UI itself? does the default admin user work? Does it work with VMs created outside of ManageIQ? Do you see any other clues in the logs?

Yes. It’s works. It works even with my test user from administrative UI. But does not from self-service portal.

I installed Hammer instead of Gaprindashvili6. And it’s works.