Using a different provisioning state machine for user group

Hi, I want to run an embedded ansible playbook against a provisioned VM when a certain group provisions a VMware VM. I want to run the playbook according to this article

I think,

that kicks off the ansible playbook via the provisioning state machine. But I don’t want all VMs provisioned in MIQ to use that state machine. Am I correct in thinking that I create a profile for that group under provisioning/profile and copy the [provision vm from template] statemachine to a new name and modify it per the article above and call that from the profile? Or is there a better way to do it? Diving a little deeper into automate than I have gone before, any advice pointers to examples or anything is appreciated.


I’d follow your approach. You may want to read The Provisioning Profile section in the book, if you have not done so.

thanks, that is what I was reading… its just it seemed to think ALL VMs needed to be and I want to do it by a specific groups. Appreciate your input!


Just had an idea if you don’t want to maintain two state machines. In the extra instance (referenced from the state machine) add an assertion something like "${/} == 'mygroup'" to prevent the instance running except for the desired group. You need to create this instance to trigger Ansible, and cannot use the direct METHOD:: notation in this case in the state machine, but can fine-tune the conditions when to run the runbook.