Using Chargeback with GenericObjects (i.e. provisioning something that's not a VM)

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about using GenericObjects to store the definition of an object that’s not a VM like provisioning an access to a shared service, for example a project in gitlab.

The user would have the ability to order the creation of a project in the on-prem gitlab installation, and the definition of this group would then be stored as a generic object and linked to the user’s service.

The end goal would be to use charge-back for these “non vm” objects, maybe using labels ? But I can’t seem to get my head around how to customize chargeback to base the cost calculation on something else than CPU/Memory/Disk prices.

Could someone tell me if this is a crazy idea, if this looks like it could be done, or if I’m just being silly using manageiq for this ?

Any reference to the right part of the documentation to achieve this would be really appreciated!