Using InspectMe from the Automate Simulation Menu

InspectMe is an Automate method for evaluating objects stored in the VMDB.

The tool allows for inspection of all attributes and associated references for a selected object.

In this post I’ll detail how to set it up from the ManageIQ Simulation Menu.

Start by navigating to the Automate -> Simulation menu.

If you want to inspect any specific Host, Tenant, Provider, etc. - set up the Object Details and Object Attribute fields per the below screenshot.

Make sure to check Execute Methods in Simulation Parameters.
(For this example there is no need to populate Attribute/Value Pairs.)

In my example I’m selecting a type of VM and Instance but you can select from any number of types in the dropdown.

Clicking submit will populate the Simulation information area opposite the panel where you applied your settings.

(These are only the details of the in memory object(s) used to build out the request.)

The output of InspectMe will appear in the automation.log located at log/automation.log off the root of your appliance (or dev environment.)

I’ve included a small snippet of the output of my request below.

As an aside, the Automation log is also available from the UI.

Just navigate to Automate -> Log

@syncrou the location of the automation.log is in the log sub-directory not config.

@bevans - Thanks for noticing! - It’s fixed.