Using ManageIQ:How to fill in Kernel parameters to enable run once feature in Rhev

Currently when are automating a deployment of new VM we are doing it as follow:
1- We a server which is providing DHCP IP as well as providing kickstart files as public ftp (It is not a real PXE server as it has no images)
2- Using Ansible tower we automate the following for new VMs on RHEV:
1- Create new vm
2- Fill in the Kernel parameters (including the kickstart file name) and CD ISO these will trigger what is called “Run Once feature for Linux VM”.
3- So one we start the VM from the playbook it will use these parameters, gain IP from the DHCP server download the kickstart file from the FTP server and start an automatic installation.
Can I achieve this using ManageIQ together with PXE feature their without using Ansible tower at all?
I have gaprindashvili 2/3