Using REST API parameter filter[] to inspect arrays

Has anyone found a way to use the REST API Query Parameter “filter” to match ipaddresses when the ipaddresses contain more than 1 value? Trying to accomplish this so I don’t have to search every VM every time I need to find a VM by IP address programatically.

I can find a VM if it has one value for IP this way:

would return JSON containing the below, for a VM with 1 IP address:
…“ipaddresses”: [

However when I query for an IP from a VM which contains multiple IP addresses:

…would return 0 objects, not finding the VM which has 2 IP addresses:

…“ipaddresses”: [

I believe multi-valued ipaddresses are considered an Array, causing 0 objects to be returned. And I cannot find a suitable operator for filtering within Arrays in the list of operators for the Manage IQ API:

A “contains” would work great rather than “=” (which returns no results).

Anyone have any suggestions?

/sign If you find a answer, I would want to know that too