UX Feedback on UI Dev/Design Weekly Demos

In October, the UI Development team started providing weekly demos on areas of the ManageIQ UI.

This week, we ( @nlcwong, @KendraMar and I ) will start posting UX feedback on these demos. Feedback will be in the following format:

  • Provide a link to the demo
  • Scope of the UX Feedback ( what areas of demo are covered )
  • Findings & suggestions, categorized in 3 major buckets:
    • Design solution included
    • Usability issue identified, design task added to UX backlog
    • PatternFly issue identified, design task added to PatternFly backlog
  • Requests for additional demos for areas that may have been touched on, but not in enough detail to provide feedback

Note that in our suggestions, we will provide references to PatternFly, when applicable.

We hope to have fruitful discussions around our findings and suggestions! If you have suggestions on other information to include, please let us know!