UX feedback -- RBAC (Roles)

UX evaluated parts of the RBAC feature demonstrated at Blue Jeans Recording of CF/MIQ UX Weekly Review - RBAC feature and created a set of feedback, organized into the following categories:

  1. Usability issues identified
  2. PatternFly issues identified

Our feedback includes comments on:

  • Viewing access control
  • Modifying a role

Usability Issues Identified

Issue 1

Hard to find access control information under the “Configuration” option in the User’s information drop down menu.

Suggestion for Issue 1

UXD needs to find an appropriate location for the access control settings.

Issue 2

There is no clear indication on where or how the user navigated to this page (or even what exactly they are looking).

Suggestion for Issue 2

Add a breadcrumb

Issue 3

The positioning of the Configuration button is confusing because its not quite clear if it affects the entire section vs. just the access control roles table.


Suggestion for Issue 3

Redesign content area layout by removing explorer panel and repositioning action button bar.

Issue 4

The “(Read Only)” label next to the “Product Features” tree is confusing, especially when the checkboxes look like they are interactive.


Suggestion for Issue 4

Redesign how we are displaying and allowing user to edit a role’s access to a product feature.

Issue 5

No easy way to find a particular product feature or action.


Suggestion for Issue 5

Add a search/filter capability to however we are displaying product features.

Issue 6

For a novice user, it is confusing that not all actions found on a certain page is not listed in the same navigation position in the product features list.

For Example: When an admin chooses to not allow access to actions that “Operate” or “Modify” content within the “Reports” section, one might think that any action found in those drop down menus are subject to this disallowance.


When the user tries to access the Configuration menu, there is an “Add a new schedule” action that is enabled. A novice user might not pick up on the fact that the product feature is not a one to one mapping of the navigational structure of the UI.


Suggestion for Issue 6

Consider redesign of product feature list and prioritization.

Issue 7

For a novice user, the relationship between a Role and a Group is not clear.

Suggestion for Issue 7

Re-evaluate how to display the two functionalities.

PatternFly Issues Identified

Issue 8

There is a lot of whitespace on a Role’s information page.

In Read Mode…

… and Edit Mode

Suggestion for Issue 8

Ask UX Visual Design to see if there is something that can be done to minimize white space on this page/form.