Vcenter- IP address and dns name did not change from template

Hello there,

From a MIQ newbie. I try to provision a VM from a template on Vcenter through a catalog service.

The VM appears on Vcenter but with the DNS name and IP address of the template. I configured them in my request (here is from AcquireIPadress method I customized:

prov.set_option(:ip_addr, das_ip)
prov.set_option(:hostname, fvname)

I also set:

prov.set_option(:sysprep_spec_override, [true, 1])

but nothing changed.

Do you have any ideas?

You need a VMware customization specification to apply the IP details to the resulting VM. Check that you’ve created one in vCenter (you need separate specs for Linux and Windows VMs), and that you’re specifying it as part of your MIQ provisioning process.

If in doubt, it’s always worth running a “manual” provision using Infrastructure → Virtual Machines → Lifecycle → Provision VMs before you create your service catalog, as this will give you a feel for the provisioning options that result in a successfully provisioned VM.

For a VMware provision, the available customization specifications will be listed in the Customize tab of the provisioning dialog.

Hope this helps,


That was it! Good practice to run beforehand.

Thanks a lot,