Version 4 of the api is not supported by the provider - RedHat

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I am using ManageIQ to manage a set of providers. However, I can’t visualize RHV collected data from Provider’s Dashboard. The RHV credential validation was successful.

RHV version is: 3.5.8-0.1
ManageIQ: Ivanchuk

The evm.log file shows the following error: “Event Monitor Thread aborted because (version 4 of the api is not supported by the provider)”. Attach two images showing more details about it.

ManageIQ Fine-4 version works well for RHV3.5. RHV3.5’s Data is correctly collected, but when I updated to Ivanchuk no data is displayed.

I wonder if it is a version incompatibility issue? because the RHV version is old. If so, I would ask you please if you have any information where this issue is mentioned.

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Yes, unfortunately your version of RHV is too old to be supported by current versions of ManageIQ. CloudForms 4.5 (which corresponds to ManageIQ Fine) and later only support RHV 4.x, as shown in the support matrix:

The work to remove the old v3 API calls from the codebase was documented here:

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Thank you @pemcg , your answer resolved the doubts I had.