Version of manageIQ where tagcontrol and dropdown service dialogs work

Hey everyone,

I’m currently using ManageIQ gaprindashvili-2.20180305154841_5bba686 which i know is a stable release. The only thing that bothers me is that the dropdown value’s in a service dialog doesn’t save before provisioning (So when you provision it is always using the first (default) value).

I’ve tested a couple of newer versions i found at the releases listing.
And they do save the value from the dropdowns but the tagcontrol doesn’t work properly (The tag category doesn’t save in the service dialog settings, so when you want to use the service dialog, it always shows an empty list).

So my question is, is there a recent version of ManageIQ where both these functions work?

Thanks in advance.

I just tried the newest version
namely: manageiq-vsphere-gaprindashvili-20180501-664ef8290d and the tagcontrol works again.

Thanks developers