Vhd has an unsupported virtual size in Azure

Hello together,

i want to deploy the ManageIQ Appliance in Azure by this instruction:


But the last step in PowerShell failed with this Error Message:

The VHD for disk ‘ManageIQ-Demo’ with blob
https://manageiqdemos21.blob.core.windows.net/vhds/ManageIQ-Demo.vhd has an unsupported virtual size of 46081.2890625
MB. The size must be a whole number in (MBs).

Can everyone help me?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Kevin,

What happens if you try this first:

Resize-VHD -Path path_to_your_vhd -SizeBytes 46082


See also:

Hi and thanks for the answer.

This command works of the VHD:

Resize-VHD -Path path_to_your_vhd -SizeBytes 46082MB

But, if i want to upload the VHD, i get this Error Message after the resize:

Add-AzureRmVhd : unsupported format


Ok, now the upload works. The File was corrupted…