Viewing available infrastructure resources in cloud provider - OpenStack

Am I missing something or is it unavailable to see the underlining hardware resources for Openstack cloud providers? I have multiple providers and want to see the underlying hardware hypervisors and the resources they have available.

The same information that you would be able to view in OpenStack at Admin -> Systems Panel -> Hypervisors.

Attempted to generate a report that contained a summary for cloud-providers, but the logical CPU, physical CPU, and RAM return values of 0. C&U has been configured for the region and both C&U metrics collector for Openstack are running.

Any thoughts?

@Ladas @blomquisg Please respond.


support for the hypervisors in OpenStack is handled by adding a provider for an undercloud based on a TripleO installation.

Currently, we only support TripleO as the undercloud (and for hypervisor visibility).

As for the C&U question, it’s hard to tell what’s going on without seeing the database.

If you’re comfortable with rails console or postgresql, you can ssh into the appliance and check if the metrics table has data.