Virtual machines not getting ips after changing vcenter provider

In cloudforms 4.1 we have changed the vcenter (5.1 -> 5.5), so we have lost tags: but it looks like we have lost other things.

Before migration, our service provisioning was doing this sequence:

  • get ip from infoblox (integration/infoblox code
  • vsphere clone a template (which have only one nic and a bad unused vlan/ip configured)
  • vsphere reconfigure the nic adapters: the only one adapter was replaced by 3 adapters
  • each nic ip is configured with the good ip from infoblox

After having changed the vcenter, vpshere do not reconfigure ips:

  • it reconfigures network adapters with the good vlans
  • no ips are configured

What could be missing?


Hi @gquentin, if you are seeing this issue in Cloudforms, please open an issue here: