VM Console change under Jansa-2 with RHEV/oVirt

This query concerns ManageIQ VM consoles and a perceived change in behaviour between Hammer and Jansa ManageIQ releases.

First, a description of the software configurations:

  1. oVirt 4.3.10 engine set-up with multiple virtualisation hosts running oVirt Node 4.310. Graphics Protocol on all hosted VMs set to ‘VNC’. Default Console type set
    on oVirt engine to VNC using the command engine-config -s ClientModeVncDefault=NoVnc followed by an engine restart.
  1. ManageIQ set to manage the above oVirt installation by adding engine as RHEV provider using admin@internal as login user. C&U database access set up through ovirt_engine_history Postgresql user.

Under ManageIQ Hammer, the VM console Access menu looks like so:

Screenshot from 2021-01-05 11-30-57

Invoking VM Console from this menu results in a NoVNC console in a new tab or window on all modern web-browsers:

This is great: the VM console is accessible on most OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) without the need for any plug-ins or local helper applications.

Under ManageIQ Jansa-2, the VM console Access menu looks like so:

Screenshot from 2021-01-05 11-30-01

Invoking Native Console from this menu results in a download dialog for a console.vv file which can then be opened with virt-viewer:

Now, virt-viewer is a great app and works well but it looks like Jansa-2 is assuming that the virt-viewer app is installed and available for viewing VM consoles. This may not be the case - furthermore, it makes ManageIQ less self-contained in contrast
to the goal laid out in the following thread:

Is this change intentional? Is there some configuration under Jansa-2 to make
NoVNC the default again for VM console access?

Best wishes

Update I recently saw the following comment among the ManageIQ Github issues:

[WIP] Pull-in some changes from upstream #1

Have I misinterpreted skatemman’s comment here? Could NoVNC support for RHEV/oVirt have been removed because it is thought to no longer be supported upstream? If so, I believe that interpretation to be incorrect.