VM machine provisioning with hostname and IP address

Hi Team,

I have added my vcenter server on ManageIQ console and able to discover all my vm machines and template. When I am trying to provision new VM machine using template with custom hostname and static IP address, it is not working. VM machine is provisioned from template, but the hostname and ip address details are not updated to the VM.

Also on custom specification, I dont see override the setting option to override hostname and IP address.

Kindly help me to fix the issue.


You’ll need a Linux customization specification created in your vCenter for hostname and IP address injection to work, and the VMware tools in your template.

Make sure this works as expected when provisioning a new VM from template from within vCenter, then repeat the procedure using Lifecycle -> Provision VMs from within ManageIQ. Make sure you pick the same customization specification from the Customize tab of the provisioning dialog.

Hope this helps,