VM Power States


I’ve got a question for the community. Not one week goes by where I have to explain to folks that an ‘Archived’ VM is a VM that’s deleted.
As part of our our retirement cycle we don’t automatically delete VM’s until 3-4 weeks after there retirement date, and we don’t immediately remove them from the VMDB.

My question is, I know why CF/MIQ uses the term ‘Archived’ but end users find it misleading. They believe that the machine is still retrievable from another source e.g. AWS glacier. It would be great if D = Deleted Di = Disconnected or some sort of key was available on the page that denotes what these letters & states are.

I’d also be in favour of making these states customizable with there own icons - for instance we can vmotion VM’s to cheap iscsi device for safe keeping but the VM’s won’t run due to a control policy. They have to be retireved from the cheap iscsi device and moved back to our SAN array before the can be powered on. Now in my mind I’d call that archieved… but it would be great if we could have another state such as parked with the letter P shown on the state.