VM Provisioning issue NIC not plugged


Since we integrate the distributed virtual a switch in our vmware environment, when I provision a virtual machine the NIC is always disconnected. The impact is that the workflow is stopped because the vm is not reachable by the Ansible Tower.

When we worked with portgroup in vmware everything was fine.

We are actually running with manageiq version hammer-6.20190520105754_6a2f116. With a vmware infrastructure provider in version 6.7.0 U2

Please find the logs of evm server:

“message”=>"Failed to connect virtual device ‘Ethernet0’. ", “messageInfo”=>[{“id”=>“msg.mac.cantGetNetworkName”, “argument”=>[“0”], “text”=>“Unable to obtain a network name for ‘ethernet0’.”}, {“id”=>“msg.device.badconnect”, “argument”=>[“Ethernet0”], “text”=>“Failed to connect virtual device ‘Ethernet0’. “}], “eventType”=>“VmMessageErrorEvent”}, :ems_id=>19, :username=>“vpxuser”, :vm_ems_ref=>“vm-352361”, :vm_name=>“Centos7Template_MGMT_Cluster”, :vm_location=>”[Template_MGMT_Cluster] Centos7Template_MGMT_Cluster/Centos7Template_MGMT_Cluster.vmx”, :vm_uid_ems=>“42012fae-e620-20a9-d0c4-bbc8d79ba34b”, :host_name=>"ESX ", :host_ems_ref=>“host-208383”}]

I’ve read in the documentation that MIQ has the dvs setting in false by default.
prov.set_network_adapter(0,dvs => false)

Do you know where i can change this ?

Example: prov.set_network_adapter(0, {:network => dvs_net1, :is_dvs => true} )