Vm provisioning using vmware template doesn't give multiple NIC

Hi All!

I am a newbie using Botvinnik. When I tried to provision a VM using Vmware template that has 3 network adapters, I only see one network adapter in the provisioning dialog. When the VM is provisioned, there is only one network adapter on the VM even though the template has 3 network adapters.

Does anyone know how to configure ManageIQ to provision VM with 3 network adapters?

@gmccullough Can you help out here?

The VMware clone API will fail if the number of adapters being configured does not match the number of adapters defined on the template (after it is adjusted by the configuration spec.)

If the provision task only contains enough information to configure one network (which is the default from the UI) the provision task will create a configuration spec that removes any additional adapters.

Also, if the provision task defines more networks then the number that exist on the template the provision task will create a configuration spec that creates the required network adapters.

Additional network adapters can be defined through automate and is described here:


I have created a template which has 4 networks. When I try to clone that template into anew VM and I try to attach a custom profile which has 3 networks or 5 networks it fails to attach saying as below.

number of settings for network cards in customization specification (X) does not match the number of virtual network interface cards (Y) in the virtual machine.

Kindly help how can we create a template so that on the deployment time user can decide how many networks to be attached.