VMs Explorer UI customization

Dear community.
I am currently working on customisation of miq setup. The goal – is to give to the clients the clean and simple way to do some really basic actions with their VMs (e.g. turn on and off only).

I have created the roles for the users, everything working really fine. My question: is there any way to customize the look and feel of Explorer view? I mean the tables data that is viewable to the user. I have a lot of staff there: Name, Provider, Cluster, Host, Datastore etc.
I would like to remove everything but Name, Allocated size and Power state.

The same thing for detailed view of VM: there are a lot of tables there, is there any way to customize the view?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @vklavi. I don’t believe there’s a way to change the columns that are presented. @himdel Do you know? Otherwise you’d have to modify the report file that drives those screens.

Agreed, the only way to change the columns is to edit the report definition yaml.

Those can be found in manageqiq-ui-classic/product/views/*.yaml , and depending on the context, it will be one of the ones starting with Vm*, except in provider views where ManageIQ*Vm* would get used, and the Instances and Images view - InstanceOrImage .

(Note that the item count in cols+include must match the counts of col_order and headers)

((Or, a similar effect could be achieved in code by filtering head and rows in ApplicationController#view_to_hash.))

Or, if the idea is just to see a list of vms and be able to start&stop, and if those VMs are under a service, maybe the Service UI could be used instead. @vklavi are you aware of that option? (/ui/service on an appliance)

@himdel, @Fryguy, thank you for detailed answers. I will check the option with service.