Vmware 6.5 HTML Console


We have an issue with console access on Vmware 6.5 clusters.
The VNC method, which we are using on the other clusters, is not supported on 6.5.

The alternative solution, VMRC, is not really an option, because from what I understood, console access in this case would be a direct connection to the ESXi servers. This means we should somehow expose our ESXi hosts, which is unacceptable for us.

Is there any support for an HTML console access to the VM, which can be proxied?
Otherwise, is there a way to proxy the VMRC connections?

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I think that it is related to ESX hosts not vCenter version per se.

To use the WebMKS console, you must download the WebMKS SDK and install it manually.
At least that is how it is done with Cloudforms.
I do not have any manageiq at the moment to check it.

Previously the WebMKS console was included with Cloudforms but now it has to be downloaded and installed manually on each UI appliance. I am not sure for manageiq.

EDIT: It must be downloaded from VMWARE.

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Great, thank you Guillermo!
I will try that

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