Vmware and ManageIQ questions


New user - so please forgive my ignorance if it’s been answered before.

I’ve recently set up a new VMWare SSO domain with 2 esxi clusters. SRM and Vsphere replication included.

I’ve created a template of a VM and have deployed it to both of the datastores, so they both can actually see it, however when creating a catalog item it appears to force me to deploy it on the host that the template was deployed on. So, if I choose host 1, the below image will be populated with host 1 details, which defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do - ie having users pick the host to deploy it on.

Appreciate any assistance that can be provided.

@agrare Have you tried this before?

If the “same” template is on two different vCenters we’ll see it as two different templates and provisioning will only be able to be done to virtual resources resident to that template.