VMware Custom Attribute Reporting


I am trying to include the Custom Tags/Attributes from VMware vCenter 6.5 to a custom report within ManageIQ.

When I check the Virtual machine, the tags can be seen from the UI
When I run a report requesting the same tags, it only shows blanks.

Am I missing anything that will allow me to get the values for reporting?

You can get the VC Custom Attributes in a report - look for ‘Custom Field’ in the list of reportable attributes for a Virtual Machine


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Hi Pemcg,

We have tried this and it will only show a blank cell. The only option that we have found so far is to use the VC Custom Attributes, but that causes the problem that every custom attribute is listed on a new line.

We have 10 Custom Attributes per VM that we would like to have listed in Collums which does not seem to be possible.