VMware Customization - Domain Join

When using the customization specification in ManageIQ 3.1; you are shown a form (much like vmware’s customization). However, when choosing the domain to join the VM into; we are only offered the domain in which our vCenter and ManageIQ resides.

We mostly use the specification to domain join VM’s into our customer’s domains; not the infrastructure domain.

Is there any way to make this a generic string field, instead of a dropdown ?

Or what is the reasoning behind the dropdown; since it is not present in VMware.

@dclarizio can you review this question from @stef.renders and forward to a SME if necessary.

@gmccullough I think this is in the provisioning dialogs, can you take a look? Thx, Dan

The :sysprep_domain_name field is defined to get the values from the allowed_domains method defined in app/models/miq_provision_virt_workflow.rb#L509. This method looks at the host objects defined in the system and returns the domains found.

See field definition here: product/dialogs/miq_dialogs/miq_provision_vmware_dialogs_template.yaml#L262

You cannot easily change the field to be a simple text field (the type is defined in the views), you could modify the field definition in the dialog to define the domains you want to provide.

Any updated :sysprep_domain_name would look something like this:

    domain1: Domain1
    domain2: Domain2
  :auto_select_single: false
  :description: Domain Name
  :required: false
  :display: :edit
  :data_type: :string

Thanks for the update!

However, using the host system domain to define this doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Almost no service providers will have VM’s into their system domain (apart from management or orchestration); and some don’t even have their hosts in a domain at all. A better way would be to ask all vm’s in the tenant’s inventory for their fqdn and derive the domain names from that. But that seems like a hassle to do :slight_smile: (unless it’s already in the inventory ?)

Kind regards