VMware customizations are not working

I am trying to use vm customizations in ManageIQ (botvinnik) and when I go to provision vm i receive the following messages:

Customize/Organization required
Customize/TimeZone required
Customize/ProductID required
Customize/Full Name required

I do not have the option to set any of these options in my interface. Can someone help point me in the right direction?


This was fixed in PR #2909. It is a one line change you could manually apply.

In vmdb/app/models/miq_request_workflow.rb change

next if dialog_disabled


next if dialog_disabled || fld[:display] == :hide

Otherwise you could modify the provision dialog and change the required flag to false for the fields identify above under Automate -> Customization -> Provisioning Dialogs

Sample dialog field section:

    :description: Organization
    :required_method: :validate_sysprep_field
    :required: true
    :display: :edit
    :data_type: :string

Thank You! I will try today.

Update: It’s working…Thanks again!