Vmware: network adapters names switched


On cloudforms (Server Name EVM Version

After having made the following changes in our vmware plateform:

  • changed our vmware vcenter (deleting vcenter 5.1, adding vcenter 5.5)
  • redefined a specification profile on the vcenter
  • upgraded hardware version on the template (7 -> 10)

And this one on cloudforms:

  • updated service catalog item, with the updated template and the new specification profile.

the network adapters are no more in the good order.

The template has 1 nic, the vm created from templates has 3 networks adapters, Ips are well associated to each network adapter (good mac address), but their named (eth0,eth1,eth2) are switched.

How can i fix that?


@agrare Does this sound familiar to you?

@blomquisg no it doesn’t…
@gquentin where are you seeing the names switched? On the VM Summary screen or somewhere else?

@agrare the vm itself: ifconfig and /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.

on manageiq/cloudforms , we can’t see nics, neither vlans?

I finally added nics on the template so it has the same number of nics as vm and in the same order as needed on the vm.
Now it works again.


So I think the issue is that the names of those are defined by udev on first boot and saved in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules so if they weren’t on the template the initialization order of the NICs isn’t guaranteed to be the order they’re defined on the hypervisor.

but why was this working since 1 year?