Vmware Prov : Error CheckProvisioned

Hi everyone !

I have created some service, it’s working, but since yesterday my provisioning, it still retrying at step checkprovisioned for the service and vm until the max retry and i got the error : “Error Creating Service” and “Error Creating VM” with message [Starting]

Something to know my Vm is created with right settings in my provider but still off. I saw in a other topic this error, it’s come out because manageIQ don’t see the vm in the provider but i see my VM in manageIQ.

Maybe manageiq failed to start the vm but i don’t know why and where search to solve it

i can provide logs if someone want but i think they are not very helpful



Did you solved it?


Yes i solved it by rebuild my state machine and my methods, i think made a mistake in methods but i can’t tell you which one