VMware - Server Request

Hey Guys,

i’m new to ManageIQ and just set up the appliance.
I already tried to create first service dialogs and to create a catalog item but ran into issues.

Im running vCenter 7 and added it via the vmware provider.

I would like to provide a service portal for customers in which customers can configure their desired server.
In the first step, only information should be collected such as

Customer data:

  • Server owner
  • Server administrators
  • Cost centre

Server data:

  • Operating system
  • Resources (CPU, hard drives, RAM)
  • Network segment (LAN, DMZ)

This request should be approved and the data should be reused in the deployment process.
Since i have many Clusters, Hosts, Datastores and Portgroups, i couldn’t manage to create a catalog item, since i have to choose all those ressources here first.

Is it somehow possible to realize the deployment process like this?

  1. Collect Customer and Server Data
  2. Approval Process
  3. Use Server Data Information in the Catalog Item and let the Deployment Team choose the VMware Ressources based on the given server data by the customer?

I hope I have expressed my plan in an understandable way.

Thank you in advance!

@tosl I am a novice myself as a ManageIQ user, but I’ve had a similar use case and built a basic service catalog to address my need.

You have to create service dialogs, using which you can capture the hardware requirements (“Server data” as you call it), and attach these dialogs to service catalog, which can be used to manage the approval and provisioning process. With regard to the customers or users, it is managed in a different place, but you can configure which user/group/role has access to your catalog items.

I would highly recommend you to read the automation book by @pemcg.

I hope I’ve pointed you in the right direction.