Vmware Vcloud Director 9.0


Is Vmware Vcloud Director 9.0 supported as a cloud Provider ?

The vCloud Director provider was developed to work with an older version of vCD. Therefore some of the basic functions should work with 9.0 version also. The compatibility with 9.0 will be known in the near future.

many thanks cankarm

It would be great if you can install it and test it, by the way…

I’ll do this and share the results

Have you been able to test the provider with vCloud Air 9.0?

Does it work?


Not yet. This test is planned next week.

Can I guess by the lack of movement on this that it doesn’t work with 9.1 and up?

bump on this, I’ve gotten this to work with 9.1. No luck with 9.5.

Is this functionality eol?

POC i’m working on would have vcloud behind manageiq (cloudforms) but if it has no future I’ll need to rethink.

I know cloudforms disables vcloud anyway but that’s another issue. Just need to know if the provider has a future.


any update on this?
is vcd >= 10 still working?