VMware vSphere 7 support


i want to know if VMware vSphere 7 is supported already or if it’s will be supported in following versions of manageIQ

it’s pretty important for me if someone can provide me a roadmap or a matrix of futur technologie supported

Thanks a lot

Hi @Gregoire vSphere 7.0 is supported in kasparov-1, there is a known issue with 7.0 U1 and U2 which is a bug on the vmware side (New Data Types added in vSphere 7.0 U1 and U2 missing from vmodl.db · Issue #208 · vmware-archive/rbvmomi · GitHub) which I’m attempting to have them merge a fix (Update vmodl.db for vSphere 7.0U2 by agrare · Pull Request #209 · vmware-archive/rbvmomi · GitHub) but not in yet.