Vote on the "C" Release

As we get ever closer to the Botvinnik release, we turn our eyes to the next release cycle. In keeping with our nomenclature of using chess grandmasters and world champions as release names, we have a couple of candidates for the next cycle. Read about Viswanathan Anand and Mikhail Botvinnik to see whom we chose for the "A" and "B" releases, respectively.

Here are the possible names for this release cycle:

Vote for your favorite below! Or if you want to nominate a "write-in" candidate, you're welcome to do that as well.

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I vote for Capablanca!

Capablanca gets my vote too!

These are 2 of my favorite players of all time. Really hard choice! My vote is for Capablanca!

Capablanca gets my vote!

Gotta vote for the young guns “Carlsen”

Capablanca sounds way cooler and has my vote

+1 for me on this one.

Carlsen, I vote for the young kid on the block.

I like Carlsen, personally.

My vote goes to Carlsen.

Right now it 6-4, in favor of Capablanca. Vote now! Let’s wrap this up by end of the day today.


+1 for Magnus Carlsen.

Capablanca +1 for the C release

+1 for Carlsen. Exciting attacking youth FTW.


Perhaps not a fair comparison, but Carlsen would beat Capablanca 8-2 in a match. Thus Carlsen gets my vote.

The best player of the past - my choice = CAPABLANCA